Sarah's new choral piece "THE ONLY ONE"  will be available here in her sheet music store by February 14th 2021, and on by February 21st. 10 copy minimum order ($40) for schools on her website. Sarah has an honor system, and trusts you will pay for the scores you need. If your school does not have the budget for the 10 copy minimum, please reach out to Sarah directly at for permission to download the score for your choir. The full instrumental backing track will be available at this website too, and you are welcome to use it for FREE concert performances. The master belongs to Sarah Bonsignore exclusively and may not be used in other events without prior written permission from the composer and producer (aka Sarah). Please always credit Sarah Bonsignore and SingPlayStudios Nashville in your program, and #SingPlayStudios if you add it to a performance program!!

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If you like the music Sarah is creating, please consider sending a donation to keep the music and books coming. Sarah would like to send signed copies of her hand written sheet music for "The Only One" as a thank you for your generous support. Proceeds will also go towards providing a new Choral Teacher Workshop in Nashville 2022!!

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